How Good Do You Know Wooden Furniture?

There are 10 types of wood that are commonly used to make home furniture. In this article, we will explain the characteristics of each type of wood for your consideration.

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1. Oak Wood
Oakwood is the most common type of wood of all time. The oak tree has been used as a sun blocking in our backyard. The reason why Oakwood is used extensively in furniture making is that it's easy to work with hand tools. Moreover, the color is light so it's also ideal for other applications such as flooring and cabinetry.

2. Cedar Wood
Since Cedar Wood can withstand moths and other insects, it is widely used to produce chest and closet. It's quite easy to use hand tools so other applications such as carving or even musical instruments are quite common.

Please note that the color of cedar wood will get darker when it's exposed to sunlight.

3. Padauk Wood
This type of wood is in the same family as Pterocarpus. It is a strong wood, but it's quite easy to work with. The color ranges from pale orange to brownish red. You might have seen this type of wood in furniture and flooring for sure.

4. Teak Wood
Teak wood is one of the most valuable woods in Asia because it can withstand termites very well. Also, it has the golden brown color which looks very nice. It can be used to make both indoor furniture, outdoor furniture and even boat building.

5. Walnut Wood
Walnut wood tends to have a darker shade. However, it's very dependable because it does not expand or contract as much as other types of wood. Walnut wood is ideal for flooring and furniture.

6. Alder Wood
This is one of the most commonly used wood in furniture making because it's the affordable material. Sanding and hand tooling can be done with ease. The color of alder wood reddens and darkens with age.

7. Purple Heart Wood
As the name implies, this type of wood has a purple color. But, it will get darker over time. The important characteristics of purple heart wood are that it's so shiny and can withstand termites and fungus. Then, the demand for purple heart wood is quite high.

8. Lyptus Wood
Lyptus wood is the name of wood that is the results of 2 Eucalyptus species. Due to the dark brownish red color, it's ideal for flooring, cabinetry, molding, and frame.

9. Maple Wood
Since maple wood has cream color, it can be used in every type of home decoration and furniture making. It's also hard enough to make the cutting board, a baseball bat, and workbench.

10. Austrian Wood
Austrian wood has a very light color so lots of people think is a soft wood. In fact, it's a hardwood and can be used as construction lumber. Anyway, it's very easy to work with both hand and machine tools.

Is there any other kind of wood you have seen?

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