How to Dog Proof Your Furniture?

Are you a dog lover and looking for dog proof furniture? We will show you 7 dog proof furniture and furnishing ideas to help you live with your dogs happily.

1. Dog Proof Your Mattress
Most dog lovers allow their canine friends to sleep in the same bed. If this is the case, you should know how to protect your bed from dog's urine, vomit and so on.

Dog Proof Your Mattress
Waterproof vinyl mattress like this is the example of good dog proof furniture for you. It's typically used in hospitals where hygiene is the top priority. Since the vinyl cover is waterproof and it doesn't even have a zipper, it's so easy to clean up. You will also be sure that you will always have a nice clean mattress. You can also get rid of the uninvited guests such as tick and flea.

2. Dog Proof Your Bed
A lot of people love the beauty of bed skirt and ruffle. But for dog owners, it's a big no-no.

Dog Proof Your Bed
A bed frame with high frame stands like this is very good to keep the under bed clean easily. Moreover, it doesn't even need a box spring. So there is very minimal noise when your dogs jump on the bed. A good dog proof furniture you need to try.

3. Dog Proof Your Dining Table

Dog Proof Your Dining Table
Another idea for dog proof furniture is to bring outdoor furniture indoors. Since outdoor furniture is more durable, it's the ideal solution for dog owners. This cast aluminum dining set will get rid of the problem with furniture scratching. It looks soft enough to use indoors.

4. Dog Proof Sofa

Dog Proof Sofa
Many people dog-proof their sofa using slipcovers, which are available anywhere. However, now there is a high-end option, namely, a sofa with a special fabric called "Crypton." Crypton is the pet-friendly fabric because it can resist stains, bacteria, odor, mildew, and moisture very well. According to the manufacturer of Crypton, you only need a damp cloth and water to clean new stains. So this is truly a dog proof furniture you are looking for.

5. Dog Proof Your Floor
Wall-to-wall carpet and hardwood floor are the most common flooring options out there. The problem with wall-to-wall carpet is that is quite hard to clean. Even though there are many padding materials to put under the carpet, it takes time to steam clean. A hardwood floor is better, but it still can't withstand scratching that much.

Dog Proof Your Floor
The answer for dog lovers is modular carpet. It comes in assorted colors and it is quite easy to stall. In case a particular area is dirty, you can just remove that part, give it a good wash and put it back. If a particular area is totally damaged, you can just replace that part with a new one. In short, it's quite easy for maintenance. Even though this is technically not a dog proof furniture, it will make you and your dogs happy.

6. Dog Proof Your Window
The use of draperies in a dog-friendly home should be near zero. Because the fabrics will collect a lot of animal hairs and dust (we think you know well that cleaning draperies often is a nightmare).

Dog Proof Your Window
To protect your home from a strong sunlight, you should use pleated paper shades. This kind of shade is disposable and so easy to cut to size. You just use adhesive to stick it on top of the window frame.

7. Dog Proof Your Wall
Animals LOVE scratching things, there is no doubt about it. But, what kind of paint should be used to protect your walls?

Dog Proof Your Wall
There is a special kind of durable paint for dog lovers called "Colorhouse". The product contains very very low harmful substances or Volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are harmful to human but more harmful to your dogs. Because they stay closer to the wall than we do, then, the exposure to toxic chemicals is higher. Moreover, this kind of paint is so durable that you can wash and scrub your wall. It also molds and mildew resistant.

Is there any other Dog Proof Furniture you would like to recommend?

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Last review and update: August 27, 2018

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