How to Use Space Saver Furniture?

Are you planning to live in an apartment or condo and looking for space saver furniture? We will show you 7 space saver furniture for a space-saving lifestyle.

Space Saving Lifestyle
In the United States, many people who live in New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington and other metropolitan areas prefer living in an apartment or condo. In the worst case scenario, you will have to rent an unfurnished studio unit. We also live in a studio apartment with a small kid, but we live happily because we know how to utilize space. Inside a nutshell, you need to:

- Use unused space or vertical space as much as possible
- Use multi-function furniture and appliances
- Use a more compact form of furniture and appliances

Based on our experience, we think you need only 7 practical space saver furniture which we will explain below,

1. Space Saver Ottoman

Space Saver Ottoman
Here we are not talking about a sofa because it's not versatile enough. From where we stand, folding storage ottoman is the ideal space saver furniture. As you can see, this ottoman bench can provide a nice soft seating with storage function. Moreover, it can be used as a baby changing table or toy storage. You will find this space saver furniture so useful for a growing family.

2. Space Saver Dining Table

Space Saver Dining Table
In a small apartment, you can only choose either a coffee table or a dining table. For us, a foldable dining table like this is our favorite space saver furniture. You can expand it and stow away whenever you need because it comes with four wheels. In addition, stool doesn't consume space as much as a standard dining chair.

3. Space Saver Corner TV Stand

Space Saver Corner TV Stand
A corner is an unused space that is quite hard to utilize with style. From the above image, you can put a corner TV stand that fits perfectly. The good point of this is that it uses tempered safety glass instead of wood in dark color. Transparent furniture will make the room look bigger and brighter too.

4. Space Saver Shoe Cabinet

Space Saver Shoe Cabinet
You will always find that you don't have enough room to store your shoes because you have to keep them in the same area for hygiene purpose. Shoe closet with a dustproof cover like this has a capacity to store as many as 45 pairs of shoes, more than enough for the whole family for all seasons. If you don't have that many shoes, you can also use empty space to store home cleaning products and other stuff too.

5. Space Saver Desk

Space Saver Desk
Using a laptop in your bed is a no-no, believe us. We think you need a real desk but it doesn't need to consume space that much. Wall mounting foldable desk like this is the example of space saver furniture with style. Because it looks really nice and can be used as a small shelf and a desk.

6. Space Saver Bathroom Cabinet

Space Saver Bathroom Cabinet
We believe this is a must-have space saver furniture! This space saver bathroom cabinet provides the storage solution in style. It comes with 2 adjustable shelves with the backboard panel. The color goes well with any wall color.

7. Space Saver Bed Converter Kit

Space Saver Bed Converter Kit
Murphy bed or wall bed is one of the greatest space saver furniture ideas of all time. By folding the bed and put it back to a wall unit, you can easily reclaim the space any time you want. However, it's so very expensive. The average cost of a Murphy bed is $1,000 or more. The good news is, you can convert your existing full-size bed into a Murphy bed by using a Murphy bed converter kit. The extra thing to do is to go to the local DIY store to buy a cut-to-size wood as instructed by the installation guide and assemble it. Viola! You have the high-end Murphy bed with less cost.

What kind of space saver furniture you are using and why?

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Last review and update: August 27, 2018

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