The 7 Deadly Sins in Décor: Guilty or Not?

It's nice to look at design catalogs and magazines because the photos always look as if it were easy to copy. That “how to achieve this look,” tip highlighted in bold letters, along with where to purchase the furniture used in the photo, makes it seem that anyone can follow and copy the design. It's a different story when the design is being executed. It looks different, it's not as nice as the ones from the catalog, and it's just plain old blah. If that isn't worse enough, homeowners can easily fall into the trap of overspending just to get the design they want.

Envy, greed, sloth, lust, gluttony, pride and wrath are the seven deadly sins that you may have come across at least once in their life. Perhaps, remembering the teachings from Sunday School may help? It's about the vices in life but many homeowners are also guilty of committing these seven sins when it comes to designing their homes.

Deadly Sin # 1 – Envy
Designs are either created from an original idea or from an inspiration. From the latter, most homeowners flick through magazines, watch home improvement shows to get an inspiration for their next house renovation. This isn't a bad thing. When is it considered envy? There's a fine line between getting inspired and being obvious. Say you were invited to your sister's housewarming party for their new home and you pop into the bathroom for a quick makeup fix. You see her built-in Jacuzzi and you decide you want one too even though it's not economical for your lifestyle right now.

Solution: The green-eyed monster is an evil gremlin who will destroy your idea of a good home. Perhaps the best way around this is to weigh it out first if your budget and most importantly the space in your house is fit for those items. If the idea is not at all possible, keep the idea for future use or look for alternatives. A pedestal bathtub may not have the perks of a Jacuzzi but it can still be a great addition to a bathroom for a luxurious spa experience.

Deadly Sin # 2 – Greed
Greed can manifest itself in the form of clutter. It's human nature to want the beautiful things, but sometimes, a person ends up liking everything and wants to have all of it. You see a set in a catalog and you want all of it even though your dining table is still good and you just need the chairs. But you need to have the set and while you're at it, you need all the accessories and chinaware included in the table setting.

Solution: Part of being creative is being resourceful and making use of what you have. Look up in the attic for things that were long forgotten and you might find something useful that can help you get the straight-out-of-the-magazine look you've been longing for. Remember that being greedy for beautiful things can lead to impulse buying and that, in turn, leads to buyer's remorse, an empty pocket and a house full of unnecessary things.

Deadly Sin # 3 – Sloth
The idea of renovating a house or upgrading a design is an exciting one but sometimes when you're in the process of doing it, you just want to get it over with. The once exciting project suddenly becomes boring and the idea is no longer worth the effort. The promise of building more storage to keep things tidy and organized is abandoned and the house is yet again, back to its old state full of clutter.

Solution: If house renovations are becoming overwhelming and cannot fit into your schedule, maybe it's time to consider getting a professional designer or builder to work with you. Other services to consider our house cleaning services or getting a professional organizer to come up with solutions to your messed up pantry.

Deadly Sin # 4 – Lust
Lust is defined as a strong emotion for something or someone. Although lust has a sexual connotation, it also means desiring for extravagant objects. Decorating a house, sometimes, does not come at a cheap cost. Lusting after expensive pieces of branded furniture can be a proven disaster. You can live in the luxuries of life but how much are you willing to spend just to get these luxuries?

Solution: It's every homeowner's dream to have the best house and live in a life of extravagance. It's no easy feat but the look can be achieved at a much cheaper price that won't have you crying in regret. Make use of dupes and replicas. Yard sales are also your best friends for finding authentic items for less. Remember those get-the-look-for-less articles you once bookmarked? It's time to read those again and finally put it to test. Design should be improving the quality of life and not the opposite. Extravagance can be exaggerated but it's not impossible to achieve.

Deadly Sin # 5 – Gluttony
Gluttony is excess in eating but also defined as overindulgence in objects. Again, this sin does nothing good except create clutter, a broken heart, and an empty wallet. It's one way to indulge in the pleasures of life like getting silk sheets or expensive goose feather pillows but is that 180-inch plasma TV also worth it?

Solution: Getting high-end brands or objects does not always mean comfort or style. Designers might sometimes encourage you to splurge on items but never on unnecessary things. Shopping around and venturing into mid-range brands can allow you to find better and cheaper alternatives.

Deadly Sin # 6 – Pride
Pride is both a bad and good thing. It becomes bad when you decide to put things inside the house for the sake of showing off, even if you don't need that particular item at all. Inviting people just to show off those expensive imported Spanish floor tiles you installed yourself in the bathroom. Even worse, is that it doesn't match your bathroom at all.

Solution: Design a house for the sake of living comfortably and not for the sole purpose of creating a look to impress people. Let guests naturally admire your house's design. If you need to show your pride in your design, do so in the forms of pictures or by creating a display for the various achievements of your family.

Deadly Sin # 7 – Wrath
Anger can be in the form of annoyance. It's annoyance with the visually displeasing things you see in your room. More often than not, it's after the execution of design that homeowners begin to notice little things which are no one's fault, really. It's seldom that a renovation goes perfectly well. There are bound to be little imperfections here and there. That odd-looking chair, those haywire cables, that drooping curtain rod and that chipped paint.

Solution: Make an audit of the things that are bothering you and come up with solutions. Another way to avoid these minor back jobs is to conduct frequent inspections and talk to your contractor about those problems. 

It's nearly impossible for any homeowner to avoid these seven pitfalls but with careful planning, unnecessary costly purchases and headaches caused by these sins can be avoided.

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Last review and update: August 27, 2018

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