7 Affordable Bathroom Ideas You Can Do in 1 Week

When it comes to the bathroom, most people only think about the function. However, bathroom design can also be aesthetically pleasing. In this article, we will show you some affordable bathroom ideas you can do in one week or less.

1. Rethink shower curtain
Traditional shower curtain looks think, old and boring. Modern bathroom design trend now favors nontraditional shower curtain like fabrics used for bedsheet or living room curtain. The good point of these fabrics is that they can add the fashion statement to bathroom instantly. Moreover, these non-traditional fabrics will make the bathroom looks larger too.

Another tip about shower curtain is that you should raise it to the ceiling height. It will add some extra height visually.

2. Go for stylish faucet
Do you remember how long you have been using that old faucet? For us, it feels like forever. Then, it's normal for the faucet to look old and torn. Why don't you get the old one replaced with a more stylish one? To kill two birds with one stone, you can choose water saving faucet to save water bills too.

3. Put art on the wall
It goes without saying that the humidity is so high in the bathroom area so paintings are not suitable. However, you can add some art elements by installing a floating shelf with some beautiful vases, cups, bowls, and candles on top.

4. Add some greeneries
The conventional thinking is that the bathroom is a wet and damp place so you should use plants like ferns. If this is also what you think, think again! There are so many indoor plants that grow well in the bathroom such as Aloe Vera, Begonia or even Orchid.

5. Revamp the wall tiles
Iridescent mosaic tiles are often used to decorate the new bathroom. For the older bathroom that needs the quick fix, you can choose to use the cheaper version like bathroom wall tile stickers. Bathroom wall tile stickers or bathroom wall decals now come with many beautiful patterns that you will find at least one pattern that you love. However, it's a good idea to repair your grout first too.

6. Change the toilet seating
Toilet seating is the most overlooked item in bathroom redesign. The reason is that most people believe the standard "white" seat is enough. Try to go for light color (non-white) to break away from the boredom. You can also try a wooden toilet seat too.

7. Utilize bathroom window film
Standard bathroom window treatment like blinds are too boring. Why don't you try bathroom window film? It comes with beautiful patterns that provide extra natural light while maintaining your privacy.

Do you use any affordable bathroom ideas mentioned here?

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Last review and update: August 27, 2018

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