10 Affordable Bedroom Ideas You Can Do in 1 Week

Are you looking for the affordable bedroom decor ideas for the fresh look of your home? In this article, we will provide 10 ideas that don't cost an arm and a leg.

1. Photo Collage
The bedroom is the start of many good memories so this is the place where you want to personalize the decoration. What you need to do is to gather the photos of your family and friends, put them on the wall into any shape you like (we prefer a heart shape.) Then, glue the photos to the wall and that is! It's an easy breezy project that looks great.

2. Marquee Sign
You can create the glamorous look of your bedroom by putting the marquee sign on your wall. The price of a marquee sign is not that expensive these days but you can also try the DIY approach. The easiest way to do is to cut the cardboard into shape or letters you want to use. Then, put the string lights at the edge of the shapes.

3. Monogram Letters
This project is quite similar to marquee sign but we will use wooden monogram letters instead of cardboard. Also, artificial flowers will be used to decorate the monogram for the more delicate look.

4. Jewelry Stand
The jewelry armoire can be quite expensive. In this case, we have a lower cost version for you. Believe it or not, there are so many beautiful cake tray that you can use to store all your jewelry. What you need to do is to find the style of cake tray you like.

5. Upholstered Headboard
A beautiful headboard will make your bedroom look like a million bucks!
What you need to do is to visit the local hardware store or DIY store to make a wooden frame the size of your headboard. After that, pick the beautiful fabric and staple it to the wooden frame. This project is quite easy to make.

6. Nightstand alternatives
The nightstand is a standard item in any bedroom but it looks so boring. What you can do to elevate the look is to use a beautiful floating shelf. Or, you can use a vintage chair as a nightstand as well.

7. No Closet Door
Believe it or not, a closet door makes your room looks heavy. If you want to lighten up your bedroom, go with no closet door. After that, use beautiful shelves and baskets to store stuff in the closet to create the more casual look.

8. Decorative Ceiling
The ceiling in the bedroom deserves some attention too. Instead of white painting, you can use patterned wallpaper that suits your style. However, please make sure that the color of wallpaper matches with the color scheme of the bedroom. If you already have the light and neutral color, this will be a very good choice.

9. Painted Floorboards
The wall-to-wall carpet is the gold standard for a bedroom flooring. However, we find that it looks boring and it also collects lots of dust. Painting your floorboards will reveal the texture of your floor in a beautiful way. To make the flooring looks so much better, add a piece of the beautiful rug at the end of your bed.

10. Mirrors
In your master bedroom, you can use mirrors to brighten up the dark spot. Also, many interior designers agree that at least one mirror is required to bring the instant elegance into the bedroom. You can place it on the wall or near the dresser.

Do you think you can use these ideas to create a better look in one week?

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Last review and update: August 27, 2018

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