5 Ideas to Decorate Hallway and Entrance

Many people don't pay attention to the look of the hallway and entrance at all. In this article, we will show you 5 ways to decorate these areas.

1. Go for Safe Option
When you're still at the beginning of the project, it's always good to try and tend to minimalism. This way, you'll always leave an opportunity for further development of the whole concept. The decoration always comes at the end. You'll have plenty of time and plenty of options for enriching the space with vibrant tones.

It's always easy when the base is minimalistic - no matter what you choose, you could never go wrong.

2. Add Photo Decor
All of us have some favorite family pictures that remind us of our childhood or some random happy moments in our lives. It's sure that we would want to keep these memories near us until forever.

So, why not take those couple of pictures from the photo albums, and try to place them on the nearest and the most notable wall in the hallway? Whether combined like a timeline of our family tree or just randomly picked pictures from our favorite moments with the loved ones - adding a photo d├ęcor surely is a way to improve the look of the hallway.

Your guests surely would be amused by this attractive corner.

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3. Storage At Its Best
Storage is the most important part of the entrance area. This is the part from the home that has the most frequent traffic on a daily basis and it needs to have a corner where you or either your guests could store or leave your coats, hats, shoes, and bags.

In order to be functional, the entrance needs to be planned wisely.

Today, there are plenty of options for various types of cupboards for storage. You could also improvise and experiment with the types of hangers you use. Just try thinking outside the box and surely a bright idea will come to you in a minute.

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Antlers could also be an option for a 'hanger-design'. They would bring a country note to your home and surely your guests would feel their warm welcome when they hang their coats on these modern DIY-hangers.

4. Bold and Beautiful
Every room in your house needs to have one thing that should accentuate the whole area. The bright side of this fact is that you could use details that suit your personal style and preferences the most.

Choose an elegant chandelier, or painted pictures that would look marvelous on a white wall. You could also use wallpapers on particular parts of the wall, to accentuate some important parts of the hallway.

For example, place a coffee-table or a cupboard that has your key holders and some random decoration. Behind it, place a wallpaper that has a specific pattern or even texture. You would instantly notice the difference from before!

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5. Where Fashion Meets Style
Not every one of us has the perks to live in an enormous house with great and even grandiose hallways that offer a warm welcome.

Mirrors could also be used as decorative elements in your hallways. First of all, they are practical - you must admit that all of us need some places where we could easily have a fast check out of ourselves, just before we leave our home before we go out.

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Having a mirror placed in the hallway gives us the feel of wider space. Mirrors have the ability to visually enlarge every place. So this would be a great idea to improve your small or narrow hallway at your home.

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Last review and update: August 27, 2018

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