7 Home Staging Tips That Enhance the Value of Your Home

Many people think home staging is all about cleaning your home before selling then it's not quite necessary. If this is what you think, you will change your mind after reading this article.

Selling the pre-occupied home is all about the perception of potential buyers. If you can create the impression that your property is well maintained, buyers will have more confidence to look around more and make the decision in your favor. The list below is some tips that you can use.

1. Create good first impression
Your entrance or front door actually dictates the first impression of your customer. The most basic thing to do is to clean or repaint the door frame, trim, molding and all related woodworks in the light color. Another thing to do is to polish all metal hardware so they all look bright and shiny. Also, do yourself a favor by throwing away that old worn doormat and get a new one.

2. Make welcoming hallways and stairways
Since hallways and stairways lead to other parts of the house, you should make sure that you clear all the clutters to create a good flow. After that, clean all wall-to-wall carpet and carpet runners (because they can be quite dirty and look unpleasing.) Also, you should provide enough lighting and make sure that the stairs don't squeak!

3. Make a warm-looking living room
A fireplace is usually the centerpiece of a living room. To create the good looking living room, pay attention to something around the fireplace. For example, repair or repaint the fireplace to make it look new and pleasing and make sure that the artwork near the fireplace has the right proportion.

Furniture placement is also important in the living room. A good tip is to try not the spread the furniture across the living room. Instead, try to find a center point in each area and group the furniture together to create the zoning.

4. Basement is important too!
Lots and lots of people don't really pay attention to the basement because they think this area is only used to store stuff. What you need to do is to find the function for your basement. So a buyer will feel that the house has one extra space. For example, you can use the basement to create a game room using your kid's stuff.

5. Elevate your dining room
The dining room usually looks quite OK because there is nothing much in this room. To streamline your living room, pay attention to flooring or carpet. Make sure that they don't look worn or dated. If your dining table is made from hardwood (not low quality pressed wood), you should remove the tablecloth, polish the surface of the dining table to show off the natural surface.

6. Upgrade your kitchen and bathroom
Other than cleaning your kitchen and bathroom, you might consider upgrading these rooms by painting them in light colors. By doing this, you can brighten up these rooms on the budget.

7. Seriously declutter your bedroom
A bedroom is where people usually store lots of unnecessary stuff that collects dust. A good rule of thumb is to try to eliminate what you have by half. Also, eliminate things you don't really need in your closet by half too. Decluttering will provide the opportunity for you to reclaim space for your potential buyers.

Do you have some other home staging tips to share? Have you ever used these home staging tips? What are the results?

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