7 Reasons Why You Should Use Interior Designers

Interior Designers, they're there to help make the visuals of a space appealing and pleasing to look at. There's this image of them carrying around paint and fabric samples and being glamorous while at it. That's just a small part of who they are and there's no glamor in it, maybe a little but not entirely. More than just making a space beautiful, they also improve the quality of life by confirming a space for their client's personal standards and tastes and offer professional solutions to space problems. Here are some reason why you should use them,

1. They're Educated Professionals
Like any other professional, they underwent some years of education and training. Some countries even require them to get a license for them to be able to fully practice their career. Others require some sort of certification from them. One way to know if a designer is qualified is to take a look at their educational background and if that coincides with what they do as their job.

2. Their Designs Undergo a Lengthy Process
Most magazine covers or Pinterest pictures give off the assumption that the interiors shown were achieved effortlessly. If that were the case, then life would be much easier for Interior Designers. Design goes through a whole process. Interior Designers take inspiration from what their clients want, their personalities, their tastes, and needs and combine that with their know-how. They make preliminary sketches based on their initial discussions with clients. 

From those sketches, once the client has been given an idea of what they want, then they develop the idea into a clearer one, costs are also estimated and samples are estimated. 

The third step consists of the preparation of construction documents required for permits and for the bidding of contractors, suppliers and other builders. 

Once the bidding phase is over and a contractor has been chosen, the actual construction takes place. Interior Designers also have to supervise the construction phase to make sure that their design is being properly implemented. 

After the construction, the designers have to source the furnishings and equipment with the help of the client. Staging and set-up of designs is the last process in their design.

3. They can get Discounts from Trusted Suppliers
This is especially true for Interior Designers who have been in the industry for long. They can strike up great deals from their suppliers and even use their certifications to score discounts.

4. They can customize a Budget for you
A lot of people are put off when it comes to hiring an Interior Designer because they think having their spaces designed would cost an arm and leg. On the contrary, an Interior Designer can give a proper cost estimate according to the budget specified by their client. Interior Designers can even provide cheaper alternatives for an expensive material if it doesn't fit in the budget.

5. They Work on Your Needs
Interior Designers are all about satisfying their clients. Sure, there may sometimes be arguments to some material, design or color choices but they will always find ways to compromise with their clients. Just like a tailor who can make custom-fit clothes, they're here to make sure space is personalized according to the needs of the clients. They're here to propose solutions to a problem. Angled walls? No problem. Low Ceiling? They can work around it. Waste of space? They can find ways to maximize it. Small space for a family of four? They can provide tiny house solutions. There are even LEED Interior Designers who can help their clients achieve a sustainable home design. Because they can custom-fit a design to their client's needs, they also improve the quality of lives of their clients.

6. Their Work isn't just about Glamor
Shopping for fabrics, furniture, choosing materials may sound easy and glamorous but it's actually not. It's a physical job, driving and running around to purchase furniture. It's also sometimes dragging themselves around to haul furniture to find the best position or climbing ladders to make sure a picture frame or painting isn't crooked. There's also the task of billing their clients, meeting with various suppliers and continuously making sure that the contractor is doing a job well done. There's also the headache of things not always going according to plan. Drawings and plans are different from the execution of designs and there may be times that an Interior Designer will have to come up with a solution to a problem that rises during construction.

7. They offer so much more than just Visuals
Aesthetically pleasing spaces aren't just what an Interior Designer has to offer. They're there to offer innovative solutions using their educational background and their knowledge of the latest trends in design and technology. Using their skills in design software, they can provide detailed drawings and help their clients visualize their space before it even begins construction. Having them also lessens mistakes during the construction phase because they can better communicate to the contractor how to achieve the design that they want for their clients. An Interior Designer works well with other professionals like Architects and Engineers, taking care of the architectural details, plumbing, and electrical works. These professionals can work together with the Interior Designer and produce both beautiful and functional interiors.

A house is a huge investment a person can make, so why risk making poor design decisions, material and color selections? This will only result to waste of time and money and since a house is an investment of a lifetime, hiring an Interior Designer to create the perfect house is the best way to utilize that investment.

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Last review and update: August 27, 2018

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