What is Craftsman Home Decor and Its Furniture?

Is Craftsman style the same as Arts and Crafts movement? This article will show you what Craftsman Style really is and how to create the Craftsman home decor.

What is Arts and Crafts Movement?
The Industrial Revolution in Britain created the huge impact on furniture making industry. Most furniture makers used mass production method that increased the economy of scale and reduced costs. The result was the furniture that looked far inferior to furniture from the earlier period.
British designers John Ruskin and William Morris then initiated the "Arts and Crafts Movement" to restore the legacy of furniture making by returning to "Craftsmanship" and made it simpler to produce.

What is the Craftsman Home Decor?
Gustav Stickley, the American house and furniture designer, is often credited as the originator of Craftsman home design. He was born in Wisconsin and started the first career as a stonemason. Later, he worked in the furniture workshop of his uncle in Pennsylvania.

He got to know the Arts and Crafts Movement from many European furniture designers during his trip to Europe in 1898. After returning from Europe, Stickley established the company named "the Gustav Stickley Co". The brand of his furniture was called "Craftsman" or "Stickley Style."

Craftsman Style Vs Mission Style
The term "Craftsman Style" and "Mission Style" was often used interchangeably. The reason was that both of them were influenced by Arts and Crafts Movement. However, Mission Style was developed on the West Coast by Greene & Greene and Arthur and Lucia Mathews. The "Mission", in this case, means "mission to provide utility and simplicity".

When we take a closer look at the actual design, both Craftsman home design and Mission home decor may look pretty much the same.

7 Craftsman Home Decor Ideas
The section below will introduce you to some Craftsman home decor ideas:

1. Focus on Utility
This oak finish Craftsman style entertainment center shows the simplicity and utility of craftsman home design clearly. It comes with 4 drawers and 6 shelves to accommodate your storage needs. It's big enough for all gaming and entertaining appliances.

2. Look Out for Rectilinear Design
Need a coffee table that looks great? This craftsman style coffee table will provide you with one drawer and one open storage. The oak finish and the use of straight lines is the signature of craftsman home design.

3. Embrace Simplicity
This modern looking Craftsman style arm chair is the interpretation of the Morris chair of Arts and Crafts Movement. It brings you the rustic charm of southern Britain with a modern twist. The spring construction makes it comfortable. You can also choose whether you want microfiber upholstery, faux leather or fabric.

4. Avoid Unnecessary Ornamentation
This elegant Craftsman style stool adapts rectilinear design from craftsman style quite perfectly. The reason why we think it's elegant because it looks taller than any other craftsman style furniture and steel structure coating comes with gold highlighting.

5. Showcase Iron Hardware
This oak finish Craftsman style end table uses a very special distressing technique that is done carefully and delicately by hand. The open storage shelf uses the rectilinear pattern that looks modern yet timeless. It's a perfect fit for Craftsman home decor.

6. Use Symmetry in Design
This Craftsman style console and mirror brings rectilinear design to the next level by using it in the legs and mirror frame. You can use it in the entryway because it comes with 4 hooks so you can hang your coats. It's the ideal piece for Craftsman home decor.

7. Utilize Stable Structure
This Craftsman style bed uses both vertical and horizontal lines on the headboard and footboard. The oak finish gives the warm and cozy feeling to your bedroom. The solid hardwood construction makes it feel very sturdy. In short, it is a wonderful craftsman style furniture for your home.

Do you like the rectilinear design of Craftsman home decor?

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