What is French Provincial Decor and Its Furniture?

What is French provincial style exactly? In this article, we will explain its history, characteristics and where to find furniture for French provincial decor.

What is French Provincial Decor?
French provincial style decor, inside nutshell, was the simplified version of "Paris" style from 17th-20th century. However, LOUIS XV style during 1730-1765 had the strongest influence on French provincial style decor that we know today. French provincial style decor was made and designed in the cities such as Blois, Orleans, Lyon and other provincial centers where the middle class or even the peasantry could afford stylish furniture.

French Provincial Vs French Country
The term "French Provincial" is often used interchangeably with "French Country", but, they are not the same thing. In short, French Provincial style decor is more sophisticated. But, French Country decor is more rustic.

French Provincial Decor Ideas
In the following section, we will introduce you to some French provincial style decor ideas and furniture available on Amazon.com. technology.

1. Include Right Amount of Ornamentation
The bedroom with French Provincial style bedroom set like this shows the best of French provincial style decor. As you can see, the level of ornamentation is just right, there is no heavy color or gold color. Another good point of this bedroom set is that it looks stylish but comfortable.

2. Utilize Light or Pale Color
This stylish French provincial style chair also demonstrates the use of pale color beautifully. It comes with solid oak, chic linen upholstery fabric and button tufting. You can use it as part of a dining table or as an extra seating in any room.

3. Make It Less Formal
This 3 seater sofa comes with cabriole legs, another feature that can be found in French provincial style decor. It has a solid wood frame with the beautiful white-wash distressed finish. As you can see, it looks chic enough to be in any living room.

4. Add Swirling Scroll Pattern
Do you want this exquisite French provincial style desk in your home office? Its front and side decorative curves and platinum leaf accents finish just look totally amazing. It's truly the charm of French provincial style decor.

5. Create Comfortable Atmosphere
The French provincial style console table like this has less ornamentation than a standard French provincial furniture. However, the light gray color looks fantastic! The beveled-edge top gives a modern look to this console table. It's the ideal furniture in the bedroom, living room or even entryway.

Do you like French provincial decor and why?

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