How to Identify Queen Anne Furniture

Do you like Queen Anne Furniture? In this article, we will explain more about Queen Anne legs, where to buy furniture and how to identify Queen Anne furniture.

1. What is Queen Anne Style?
Queen Anne style is an English decorative style. It was popular in the first quarter of the 18th century, because, during Queen Anne reigned, there was a strong nationalistic feeling to reject all things French.

2. How to identify Queen Anne Furniture?
Queen Anne Style Furniture has 3 key features which can be summarized as below,

- Ornamentation: It used less veneering, carving, and painting when compared with earlier designs. By lowering the amount of ornamentation, Queen Anne furniture often revealed the true nature of high-quality materials.

- Size: Queen Anne Style Furniture is significantly smaller than furniture from other periods. You will mostly see vanity table, armoire, stool, coffee table, but not bed or dining table.

- Cabriole Leg: Cabriole (kab-ree-ohl) leg is the most important feature of Queen Anne Style furniture. It's the tapering double-curved furniture leg.
Queen Anne Style Cabriole Leg

3. Where to buy Queen Anne Style Furniture?
There are so many places you can buy furniture in the Queen Anne style. For your convenience, we put together the list of newly produced furniture available on as below,

- Vanity Table and Bench: This Oak Wood Vanity with Table and Bench Set is the example of light furniture in the Queen Anne period. Another feature of this furniture is scrolled aprons of table and chair. It features oak finish, adjustable tilt mirror and solid hardwood legs.
Queen Anne Style Vanity Set
Small Bench: This Landing Bench is another example of Cabriole leg and scrolled aprons of the chair. The simple padded seat like this is also another feature of Queen Anne design. Seagrass accents and distressed cherry finish add extra meaning to the legs. It's the ideal extra seating in living room and bedroom.
Queen Anne Style Bench
- Armoire: Armoire in ivory lace finish like this is non-traditional Queen Anne design. The reason is that armoire is too big because Queen Anne furniture is supposed to be light furniture. However, the designer combines armoire from France with Cabriole leg from Britain harmoniously. It comes with crystal knobs and high-quality veneer.
Queen Anne Style Armoire
- Jewelry Armoire: This chic jewelry armoire and will be a focal point in your bedroom. As you can see, Cabriole leg goes well with any style of furniture. It comes with a mirror lid and 6 drawers with side doors that can store necklaces.
Queen Anne Style Jewelry Armoire
- Arm Bench: This beige finish arm bench is just perfect for your living room. It combines high tech material like microfiber with Cabriole leg. It's a truly modern furniture inspired by Queen Anne design.
Queen Anne Style Arm Bench
- Coffee Table: This coffee and end table set is the perfect example of Queen Anne design. It has an oak finish and can blend in with your existing furniture very well.
Queen Anne Style Coffee Table Set
- Drawer Table: This white-finish drawer table follows Queen Anne design and comes with a half moon scallop on top, Cabriole leg and sea grass accents. The size is just right for the entrance way and living room. You can use it as a night table in your bedroom too.
Queen Anne Style Drawer Table

Do you like Queen Anne Style Furniture and why?

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