What is Shaker Decor and Its Furniture?

Do you like Shaker home design? We will explain more about the Shaker design movement and how to create the Shaker-inspired room based on 7 Shaker decor ideas.

What is Shaker?
The Shaker movement started as early as 1774. The word "Shaker" was from the movement in religious ritual. The Shakers believed in a modest lifestyle and didn't want to involve with politics, entertainment, and materialism in any way. However, the Shaker community created very innovative items such as water-repellent clothing, washing machine, steel pen and so on.

Because of their innovation, the Shakers engaged in more trading activities with the outside world. Later, they could not continue the modest life, and they disappeared in the 20th century.

What is Shaker Decor?
The Shaker design is the way to practice moderate lifestyle. Shaker home decor style focuses on function and simplicity. Then, many people try to incorporate the Shaker decor in the modern home.

The list below is 7 Shaker design principles you can use at home.

1. Only Embrace the Perfection
This Shaker style dining table comes with a beautiful black and cherry color combination. It also has nice shaker style legs. Anyway, you will only find a small dining table like this (not a dining table for 6-8 people). The reason is that the Shaker design focuses on modest lifestyle.

2. Look Out for Good Appearance
This Shaker style writing desk brings simplicity to your home. All sides are finished. This shaker style furniture looks quite cool and will be a good addition to your home office.

3. Consider Both Material and Function
This Shaker style storage bench will provide you with both comfort and function. It truly follows the design principles of Shaker-style furniture. It uses solid pine with the protective lacquer. The bench lid is equipped with a safety hinge.

4. Avoid Unnecessary Ornamentation
This Shaker style TV stand can accommodate up to 52" TV. The color is just right, not too light or not too dark. It also provides you with ample storage space for all your needs.

5. Keep the Design Simple
This nice Shaker style night stand comes with a warm looking antique walnut finish. The beveled top absolutely elevates the look of this shaker style furniture.

6. Focus On Efficiency
This stylish Shaker-inspired dresser is so extraordinary. The reason is that it uses solid Mahogany wood which can be rarely found in Shaker style furniture. The special surface finish reveals the beauty of wood's natural grain. So it will be a centerpiece in your bedroom.

7. Choose Stable Structure
Shaker style bed like this is the modern interpretation of classic Shaker style furniture. Steel structure with black powder coating makes this bed very durable. The slat design imitates the Shaker decor in a nice way. In short, it's the tradition in style.

Do you like Shaker decor ideas we present to you today?

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